This is a song I wrote for my daughter Julia soon after she was born. Featuring Mike Caro on guitar and mandolin, and Laine Thompson on guitar. See below for lyrics and additional info.

Sitting staring out the window
Watching snow that’s falling from the sky
And every time you find a new one
I can see the wonder in your eyes
Oh how I’ll love to watch you grow
My little Julia Rose

You try and move along the numbered tiles
I turn the corner and I see you smile
I know it only takes a little while
’til you discover which way to go
My little Julia Rose

The days will go, the time we’ll borrow
Before you know it life will pass us by
Here now, but I know come tomorrow
then it’s time to spread your wings and fly
Just take your time, take it slow
My little Julia Rose

And when the monsters come
and make you cry
Nowhere to go, you have to run and hide
You know I’ll always be right by your side
And I’ll be waiting to take you home
My little Julia Rose

I had an instrumental guitar song that I wrote a few years back that I always wanted to do something with. I thought about writing a song for Julia, and one day I was playing the guitar song and my son Anthony started to sing an idea that became the melody for the chorus of Julia Rose. The song starts with Anthony’s voice, speaking as he holds his new little sister.

I spent some time writing the lyrics, then brought the song to Mike Caro’s studio where Mike, Laine and I worked on it. Mike came up with the great guitar intro/outro, and he and Laine helped me arrange the music. Mike and Laine added the guitar/mandolin solo section. I recorded the vocal tracks there as well. I worked on the rest of the instruments, some more arranging, and the mix in my basement studio.

Special thanks to Mike and Laine for lending their awesome talents to this song.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it.